The AmazingTEAM

You only live once, so why not follow your heart, do what you want and experience the unknown?!

We're all about taking your dive career to new heights! The PADI IDC Nusa Lembongan at Scuba Center Asia is all about YOU and your journey to become that amazing Dive Instructor.  With a strong and dedicated team of PADI Course Directors, Master Instructors, and IDC Staff Instructors in the team, we are ready to take you into this epic dive career adventure.

Get ready for an ocean of opportunities, incredible experiences, and a community that's passionate about your success. Let's create memories that'll last a lifetime!

Meet The Team

Venture into your Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Scuba Center Asia Lembongan. The IDC embodies the legacy, expertise, and passion that defines Kim as the Founder of Scuba Center Asia. She is our avatar of excellence and represents an entire spectrum of diving mastery, knowledge, and fun. Mix that with other legendary Course Director, Master Instructors and call that a Dive Pro team. Voila!

This IDC isn’t just about certification; it’s a transformative journey led by a symbol of professionalism and dedication.

Meet our amazing PADI Course Directors Team! The IDC was first named after our role model Founder CD Kim, it's time to set the stage free for more girl power in the industry! Uning as the first local female Course Director of Bali, Yasmine as the Master Instructor, and Pimpin our amazing local IDC Staff Instructor, are at the team's core. But not to lack some testosterone as we have Yayan and Viki as part of the Pro team for over a decade with Scuba Center Asia.

Our team is not just passionate about diving - they live and breathe it. But watch out, they're not your average instructors - they're a dynamic bunch with personalities as strong as the currents they navigate. Join us for an unforgettable underwater adventure with our team of passionate, slightly crazy, and undeniably awesome professionals!

You only live once, so why not follow your heart, do what you really want and experience the unknown?!

Meet Uning, the fabulous addition to our squad of PADI Course Directors. The IDC was originally named after our amazing founder, Kim, but now it's time to make room for even more awesomeness. Uning, the first local female Course Director in Bali, is here to bring the heat and spice things up in our PRO team!

With her infectious laugh, boundless energy, and never-ending smile, Uning completes our CD team like a boss. Get ready to dive into a world of professionalism, girl power, and unstoppable vibes with Uning leading the charge!

PADI Course Director Uning

YASMINE Master Instructor

The moment we hit the clear water and see the existing faces and people relax, that's why i love this so much.

7 years ago, Yasmine dipped her toes into the magical waters of Scuba Center Asia, and guess what? She got bitten by the diving bug! Fast forward to today, and she's back! After rocking the dive scene in Honduras and the Caribbean, she's returning 'home' to Scuba Center Asia to add some extra sparkle to her already stellar dive career - and she's bringing her passion, expertise, and contagious enthusiasm along for the ride! Get ready to dive deep, laugh loud, and make some epic underwater memories with Yasmine and the rest of the PRO team!

Pimpin IDC Staff Instructor

Pimpin's not just a dive instructor; she's the heart and soul of our team, leaving her mark on every underwater adventure. After spreading her wings for a short while to enrich her skills around the globe, she's back and better than ever, ready to conquer the depths with her unstoppable energy! With Pimpin in the mix, our Pro Team is firing on all cylinders, ready to create unforgettable diving experiences for you. Dive in and let Pimpin show you what it means to dive like a boss!

VikiMaster Scuba Diver Trainer

Viki, a cherished senior member of the Scuba Center Asia family. With his engaging personality and years of diving experience from around the globe, Viki has called Lembongan home for the past two years. He's become an indispensable part of our Professional team, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to the PADI Divemaster program. Viki's love for the ocean shines through in all he does.

Yayan the "OG legend of SCA"! For a whole decade, Yayan's been the backbone of our operation, starting from the bottom and hustling his way up to become a true masterpiece within our Pro Team. He's not just a manager; he is considered a legendary figure and is part of Scuba Center Asia from the beginning. A true "Original Gangster".

Yayan Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Big trouble on the boat with this one! Haha not really, but if you are looking for some fun on the boat or around the dive center, JuliBcool is the man to look for! He is responsible for all logistics and control of the boat and dive center. With his sense of humor and hard work mentality, he is definitely someone you want to meet.

JulibCool Open Water Scuba Instructor

Meet Captain Purana, the Course Director of The Captains:  The Captain's Captain! With years of experience navigating the waters around Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida, he's the ultimate master of the sea. Friendly, helpful, and fun, he prioritizes safety above all else, ensuring every diver's peace of mind. Plus, he's a Pro at finding you underwater at the end of a dive, so no waiting around at the surface! Get ready for an epic adventure with Captain Purana at the helm!

Purana Captain

Indra is the man in charge of the logistics and organisation of the dive resort. You will meet him first when entering our dive shop. When entering our dive, as there is a big smile waiting for you. Passionate about his work and passionate about diving, he basically grew up with us at. He grew up with us in the resort and became the wonderful man he is today by challenging himself to learn more. A true character waiting to help you and give the best dive or island advice you need when visiting  Nusa Lembongan and Penida

Indra Dive Relations

The coolest and cutest security team on Nusa Lembongan are these furry faces! ScubaDoo is Head of Security, Tiger is the smart cookie and Tanki is the class clown. A little bark to greet you and then they will treat you like life-long buddies. They are also fabulous company and will often sit at your feet (or lay on them) while you are doing your logbooks at the end of the day or having an icy cold beer in The Bar Next Door.

ScubaDoo - Tiger - Tanki Security