At Scuba Center Asia in Nusa Lembongan, our PADI IDC program is all about girl power.

Our team is led by female Course Directors, supported by fantastic Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors. They bring expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication to the table. Our PADI IDC isn't just about getting certified; it's a life-changing journey guided by a powerhouse team.

We are committed to shaping the next generation of Dive Instructors.


celebrating jumping dive instructors of the Scuba Center Asia team holding at the beach of Nusa Lembongan
Candidates participate in a dry workshop, practicing open water descents during the Instructor Development Course (IDC) with evident joy and enthusiasm.

At Scuba Center Asia, our Pro team is a powerhouse of female Course Directors and Master Instructors. These inspiring women bring a fresh perspective and unmatched passion to the world of diving.

Kim, our behind-the-scenes avatar and original founder, has been integral to shaping the foundation of our Dive Professional team. She started her dive career 30 years ago, and for the past fifteen years, she focused on “living the dream”. Together with her partner, they built Scuba Center Asia into a successful PADI IDC Dive Resort on Lembongan Island.  Soon to be a PADI Career Development Center. Kim is the Founder and Director of the company. As a visionary leader, she sets the standard for excellence in dive instruction. Kim is the driving force behind our program’s success. She is passionate about her work and inspiring in the journey she has taken, a journey that is soon to be your own. Fun fact: She is all about dogs, wine, and her laugh. It’s infectious! You’ll often catch her winding down with a glass of wine, accompanied by her furry friends, and her laughter. Well, let’s just say it’s impossible to miss!

Introducing Uning, our newest part-time addition to the team! As a local Indonesian woman, Uning brings a unique perspective and cultural insight to our program. With a background as a yoga teacher, reiki guru, and surf chic, she offers a holistic approach to dive training. Uning’s got a serious love affair with coffee and dogs! She loves to kickstart her day with a brew before the sun even thinks about rising. She’s all about those early morning surf sessions or gearing up for whatever the day throws her way. And if she’s not catching waves at dawn, you’ll find her unwinding with a coffee (or wine) and talking to street dogs after a day packed with adventure.

Together they are a true powerhouse! With their combined expertise, passion, and infectious energy, they make an unbeatable team. Not only are they good at what they do, but they also bring a sense of humor and fun to every training session. Their ability to make learning enjoyable while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism sets them apart.

It’s not just about the Course Director – it’s all about the incredible team spirit fostered by our Pro team here at Scuba Center Asia. That’s what makes starting your IDC journey with us the obvious choice. Discover more about our awesome team right this way!