Instructor training is just the first step towards becoming a fully fledged instructor.

So you are finally a dive instructor? Congratulations! You have just made a huge step in your diving career!

You’re probably hugely excited and relieved it is all done now. You may even be a little worried. What am I going to do now?

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a job as a dive instructor all lined up already. If so, that’s great! You are going to be awesome! But some of you may not know what to do next. This can be quite a scary prospect. But, lucky for you, we are here to make the way of your diving career a little clearer.

First, take a deep breath and give yourself a big pat on the back. The hardest part is over now. You deserve to be proud of yourself for everything you have achieved!

Next, you need to choose between two paths in your diving career. Are you going to continue with your dive education or try and jump straight into a job?

You have a few options: Work as a Dive Instructor, go for an internship, or choose a job placement! Scuba Center Asia has contacts worldwide.

For many people, continuing their education makes the most sense. Education makes you more likely to be employed as a dive instructor. This is especially true in areas where the job market is very competitive, like around Indonesia. It also allows you to gain a more exciting or better-paid position. For example, many dive centres here in Indonesia only hire foreign MSDT instructors instead of foreign Open Water Scuba Instructors because there are many local dive instructors available.

Furthering your education also allows you to gain experience as a dive instructor in a supportive environment. So maybe the better option for those of you who are nervous about going straight into an instructor role.

So what are your options for furthering your dive education after a PADI IDC?

The first step is to become a Specialty Instructor. Becoming a Speciality Instructor helps you to gain experience teaching already certified divers. This builds your confidence as a dive instructor. It also allows you to go beyond the “standard” courses a dive instructor can teach. This not only makes you more desirable as an employee, but it also expands your knowledge of different dive practices. With over 25 specialties, there is guaranteed a specialty course that you like!

By taking your Speciality Instructor course, you are taking your first steps towards your master scuba diver trainer (MSDT) qualification. You need to have five Specialty Instructor qualifications before you can start your MSDT internship. This means that you can teach five different Speciality courses on top of the regular PADI courses (Open Water, Advanced, and EFR/Rescue course). The next step will be the MSDT internship!

If you're not keen on becoming a Specialty Instructor but prefer team-teaching the standard PADI courses alongside one of Scuba Center Asia's senior dive instructors, you can totally do that. It's a cool way to hone your teaching skills without any extra perks, besides gaining experience with the regular courses. This option's awesome if you're short on time and want to keep exploring Indonesia, for instance. During this basic dive career internship, you'll teach real students, which is super valuable. Just a heads up, though: you won't get the credits you would during the MSDT internship.

Scuba Center Asia Team

The next step on the dive education ladder is the MSDT. Getting certified as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer sets you apart from other Dive Instructors. It's all about showing off your experience teaching both standard PADI courses and those specialty ones. Joining our internship at Scuba Center Asia guarantees you'll walk away confident. The internship is divided into portions of 5 certifications in which you team-teach with one of our senior Dive Instructors. And let's not forget the perk of soaking up the paradise vibes of Nusa Lembongan during your MSDT internship—sounds like a dream, right?

Once you've nailed the MSDT, you might be thinking about the next steps. Have you ever considered becoming a PADI IDC Staff Instructor or even shooting for the stars as a PADI Course Director? These courses are all about prepping you to mentor the next generation of instructors and trust us, it's a pretty prestigious gig that shines on your CV.


Scuba Diving Course

Finding your perfect dive job as a dive instructor

Finding a job as a Dive Instructor is like finding any other job. Sometimes you gotta hustle hard to find the perfect fit, while other times, it falls right into your lap fresh out of your Instructor Development Course (IDC).

So, here's a game plan to land that dream dive job:

  1. Do your research. Where do you wanna work? Close to home, or are you up for diving into places like Indonesia with its insane underwater scenes? Maybe you're cool with bouncing around seasonally or you like to commit yourself for a longer period. Very important is to think about the vibe you are looking for - a big resort or cozy family-run shop.
  2. Put in the effort. If you're interested in a specific dive company, make sure to tell them you're interested. Don't wait for an invite; take charge of your dive destiny! Remember, you're the star of this show, so go grab that Oscar (a.k.a. the Dive Instructor job).
  3. Let's talk money. Starting salaries for dive instructors might not be sky-high, but trust the process. Show some love to the company you're with, and they'll show it right back. If not, well, maybe it's not meant to be. Patience is key here, give it time, and things will click.

Sure, landing a dive instructor job ain't a cakewalk, but there are plenty of paths to explore. Here's a sweet deal: hook up with our PADI Course Director for a dive career sesh. She's got the lowdown on making waves in the dive world, whether it's online or in person. Bonus: snag a free job consulting session when you choose your Complete IDC package! Why not get straight to the point and benefit from our expertise? We are dedicated to helping you dive into success!

The next step is to either go to the place you want to work and scout out potential dive shops you may want to work in. Or a budget-friendly alternative, you can turn to the PADI employment board. This will show you the jobs available in your area, as well as jobs all over the world!

Next up, it's all about putting yourself out there. Get that killer CV together, showcasing all your experience, even if it's not strictly diving-related. Anything that screams "I'm awesome with customers" should be front and center. Remember, being a Dive Instructor is about more than just teaching—it's all about customer care.

Tip: triple-check that CV for any sneaky typos before hitting send. No one wants to hire you if your CV's riddled with errors! Plus, do not write a general cover letter to a divecenter. Personalize it and make sure you mention the reason you want to be on their team.

Now keep applying to every position that you think would be a good match for you. The more shops you apply to the better your chances of getting an interview are!

Huge schools of fish greet you as you dive into the waters of Nusa Penida
The sun sets for another day at secret beach in Nusa Lembongan


Once potential employers have seen your killer CV they won’t be able to resist inviting you to an interview.

These days, interviews can happen either through a video chat or in person. If you're not in the country, chances are you'll kick things off with a video chat. It can be a daunting prospect for many people, but the key is to relax. Go into the interview with a good attitude and a lot of enthusiasm, employers appreciate this.

It is best to prepare some general answers to questions you think the interviewer may have and think of a few questions you can ask them. Nothing is worse than not having any questions to ask them at the end of the interview!

Above all else, be yourself. There is no point pretending to be someone you’re not, as you might end up in a shop that doesn’t fit your personality. Better to be rejected a few times than be miserable in your job.

Finally, get that Dive Instructor job!

Once you have aced the interview, the only thing left is to wait for that YES!

And it will come even if there are a few (or a lot) of no’s beforehand.

Everyone here at Scuba Center Asia wishes you all the best, and we know you will go out there and be the best dive instructor ever!

Remember, contact our Pro team, for that one-on-one dive career session.